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Breastfeeding Bras

Nursing Bras Breastfeeding bras, breastfeeding sleep bras and sports breastfeeding bras from brands such as Hotmilk, Emma-Jane, Carriwell and sportjock that fit sizes 30-42 and B-H cups and can be worn during pregnancy, breastfeeding, all day and all night


Briefs designed by Hotmilk and Carriwell to match their breastfeeding bras for that complete look.

Breastfeeding Products

Essential breastfeeding products such as nipple cream and nursing pads to meet the needs of every breastfeeding mum from Lansinoh

Breastfeeding Tops

Nursing Tops Breastfeeding tanks and camisoles from Hotmilk and Emma-Jane, the most versatile breastfeeding top.  Great for hot days, feeding at night and layering to cover your belly while you nurse.

Gift Vouchers

Nursing BrasGift Vouchers are now available for purchase from us.

£10.00, £20.00, £50.00

For more information on Gift Vouchers,
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Free Nursing Bra

Fitting Service

I offer a FREE local fitting service for Mums in and around the Sevenoaks area of West Kent.