Nursing Vests - Emma-Jane

Emma-Jane has a nursing vest for your every need.  The Emma-Jane 822 Nursing vest is 12cm longer than the regular and deluxe versions which provides great bump coverage and is great after the baby arrives if you want a longer top or like to wear long tops with leggings and jeans.  The Emma-Jane 821 Regular Nursing vest is truely versatile and available in a range of colours for every occasion.  The Emma-Jane 830 Deluxe Nursing vest has a higher cotton content which makes it great for cooler temperatures and those that feel the cold.  All three tops can be worn for layering, to cover your belly when nursing in public, on their own in the Summer, and in bed for easy nighttime access.

Emma-Jane - Long Nursing Vest in White/Black

This nursing top is 12cm longer than the regular Emma-Jane Nursing vest, making it ideal for pregnancy and breastfeeding.  A multi-purpose maternity and nursing vest for today’s fashionable mother made from superior soft cotton/elastane...  Read More


Emma-Jane - Nursing Vest in White

This nursing vest by Emma-Jane is the height of versatility, and a must for every new mothers wardrobe.  It can be easily worn on its own in the summer without the need for an additional nursing bra because it has a built-in bra shelf and eas...  Read More


Emma-Jane - Breastfeeding Vest Top in Black

The black nursing vests are currently out of stock at the warehouse until Mid July 2014.  Do contact me if you'd like to pre-order. These breastfeeding vest tops by Emma-Jane are the go-to piece in every nursing mothers wardrobe. ...  Read More


Emma-Jane - Nursing Tank in Light Blue

This nursing tank by Emma-Jane is a really useful piece of clothing for any nursing mother.  It works really well at night to provide easy access for those night time feeds.  The nursing tank can also be worn on it own in the summer with...  Read More


Emma-Jane - Nursing Cami in Mid Blue

This nursing cami provides you with a number of options for nursing out and about, or in home.  This nursing cami is a great addition to a nursing mothers wardrobe for both day and night wear.  It is great as a pyjama top giving you easy...  Read More


Emma-Jane - Breastfeeding Tank in Rose Pink

This Emma-Jane Breastfeeding Tank is perfect in any weather.  It works really well on its own in the Summer heat (if we get any), and can also be used for layering in the Winter months with either a loose fitting top layer which can be pulled...  Read More


SALE - Emma-Jane Nursing T-Shirt in Grey

This cotton nursing T-shirt is an excellent addition to your breastfeeding wardrobe.  It's lift up front makes it easily accessible when out and about while keeping you warm and providing discretion when you're building your confidenc...  Read More

RRP: £18.00
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