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Tips for Finding the Perfect Fitting Nursing Bra

Tips for finding a comfortable bra during pregnancy and breastfeeding Why is it important to wear the correct bra size? Pregnancy is a time when your breast tissue develops and you build up fat stores for nursing,...  Read More


Breastfeeding in Public

Nursing in Public has been a hot topic recently with lots of media attention in the UK, Canada and the US.  It is something that can make the difference between someone being successful at breastfeeding or stopping breastfeeding earlier than ...  Read More


Comparing Seamless Nursing Bras

A Comparison of the Carriwell and Emma-Jane Seamless Nursing Bras   As you may have already gathered, I absolutely love these seamless nursing bras.  They are excellent value for money, and because of their seamless design and...  Read More


How Many Nursing Bras Do I Need?

I am often asked the question "How many nursing bras do I need?" and so I thought I'd try to write down my thoughts about this question.  There is no right or wrong answer because every situation is different, but here are s...  Read More


BoobieMilk at the Bluewater Baby and Toddler Show ...

  BoobieMilk will be fitting and selling nursing bras, sleep bras and nursing vests from Emma-Jane, Carriwell and Hotmilk at the Bluewater Baby and Toddler Show on the 19-21 April, 2013. I look forward to meeting you at the show,...  Read More

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