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Breast Aid - Natural Breast Warming Breast Pads

Breast Aid - Natural Breast Warming Breast Pads
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Manufacturer: Breast-Aid
Model: ENVBA

Breast-Aid breast warming pads are a natural way to relieve symptoms of common breastfeeding discomforts like engorgement and plugged ducts and some uncommon conditions such as nipple vasospasm and mastitis.  They can also aid in the movement of milk while breastfeeding or expressing.

Breast-Aid breast warming pads are unique in that they help to keep your breasts and nipples warm using only your own body heat.  This removes the need to warm the pads by other means and keeps you warmer the entire time you need them to.

Warming of the breasts can help in relieving the symptoms of many conditions associated with breastfeeding such as let-down, nipple vasospasm, mastitis, engorgement and plugged ducts.

Breast-Aid breast warming pads use a unique material called Flectalon which warm the breasts by reflecting your own body heat.  They are designed to fit inside your bra and can be worn all day without the need to heat them in the microwave or change them.  They provide an all day continual and gentle heat to help relieve your symptoms.

  • If you find that your nipples are becoming blanched (white) during feedings and you are having nipple pain between feedings because the nipples are especially sensitive to cold and you have ruled out other causes with the help of a health professional or breastfeeding counselor then keeping the nipples warm at all times may help relieve symptoms of sensitivity and pain.
  • If you have had plugged ducts and/or mastitis a number of times and you have ruled out position and latch being the cause (some mothers are more prone than others), then warmth can help ease the symptoms and make it easier for you to move the plug out of the breast.
  • Engorgement after birth when the milk volume increases is quite common although it could be a sign that baby isn't feeding enough and removing enough milk (check position and latch).  Warmth can help relieve the symptoms and help the milk move out of the breast.  Some women get a better result with cold so try both.
  • If you are returning to work or school and will be pumping you may find it difficult for your milk to "let-down" when not near the baby.  Try to relax and take a blanket with you that may smell of baby or a photo of baby to help.  You can also use the Breast-aid for 20-30 minutes before you pump to help with milk let-down and flow.

How to use the Breast Warming Pads

Start by making sure the bra is big enough, so it is not too tight with the Breast-Aid in place.  Simply place the Breast-Aid in the bra with the seam turned outwards.  The pads can be placed in any comfortable position

  • Upright
  • Sideways with the wider part inwards
  • Sideways with the wider part outwards

If a nursing pad is also required, place it directly on the breast and cover with the Breast Aid pad.  Ensure the nursing pad is changed often as it is important to keep the nipples dry.

Breast-Aid pads can be washed at 40C (do not tumble dry) and re-used time and time again.  They are designed to cover more than just your breast because breast tissue usually extends beyond the cup towards your arm pit.

They are available in Small and Large, in colours Black and White.

Breast Aid can be used as much as is needed, including overnight and for as long as wanted during the day. Great for once baby is sleeping throughout the night.

More information about breast feeding is available through your local breastfeeding organisation and improvements in breastfeeding techniques can often help alleviate or prevent discomfort.

Customer Comments -

Michelle received Breast Aid Pads free of charge and these were her thoughts

"The Breast Aid - I found very comfortable and definitely kept the breast warm so ideal for preventing nipple vasospasm associated with Raynaulds. If you position the pad exactly right the nipple isn't squashed and if worn under the Emma Jane bra ( which does compress the nipples) the pad helps to push it out again therefore minimising compression of the nipple so ideal for Raynaulds sufferers. I've also worn them outside when it's been really cold and they've really helped to protect the nipple from the cold. I actually wore it for the whole day to give it a proper tryout but the next day I felt a little bruised only on right side the following dayI think maybe I had bra strap too tight or maybe I need next size up of breast Aid. I have been waiting for bruised feeling to go then I will try again. I will let you know how I get on if you like". January 2012

Liz received a pair of Large White Breast Aids free of charge to test -

"First impressions on the breast warming pads - quite scary looking! they look like something you would use for loft insulation! Having seen them I could possibly have got away with the medium. I put them in straight away and did not notice a huge amount of difference in comfort/warmth in that area while just pottering around the house. However when I went out for a walk and my body temperature increased I did notice them warming up, which did very much sooth the aching that I still had from mastitis. However the next day I went for quite a long walk, and they got really really warm, uncomfortably so! I also noticed tiny red capillaries come up in my breasts where they had got very warmed. This did alarm me a bit so I would definitely recommend these are not worn when working up a sweat, and only used for very minor exertion.
I alternated them with cold packs too sooth the mastitis, and stopped using them altogether when I recovered. But I would definitely get them out again at the first sign of a plugged duct or mastitis". August 2012