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Carriwell Washable Breast Pads

Carriwell Washable Breast Pads
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Price: £7.00


Manufacturer: Carriwell
Model: CPads

These Carriwell washable breast pads are an amazing value for every new mum.  Save even more money by breastfeeding and using washable breast pads and put less waste in the landfill.  These breast pads have been designed with the utmost care.  There are 4 layers within the pads.  1. A black or white cotton layer which faces out and goes against your bra cup.  2. The second layer is a breathable but waterproof layer that allows your breast to breathe but locks the moisture inside the pad so that no leaks show through on your bra or clothing.  3. The third layer is the absorbant one and then you have 4. a layer of 100% natural cotton against your skin.  Each pack contains 6 pads all contained within a free laundry bag so that you don't lose your pads when you wash them in the machine.  Each breast pad measures approximately 3.5"-4" in diameter.

Soft Touch Cotton/Natural Silk Washable Breast Pads

Materials:  100% Cotton Outer Layer, Waterproof/breathable inner layer, absorbant inner layer.

Colours:  Black, White

These breast pads are machine washable at 40 Degrees.