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Nipple Ease - Nipple Protectors

Nipple Ease  - Nipple Protectors
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Price: £15.00
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Manufacturer: Enviropod
Model: ENVNP

A new way to aid nipple healing while keeping your sore nipples away from irritating clothing.

This protective plastic cap can be worn over the nipple inside your bra between feeds to provide protection and relief from rubbing on clothing when sore.

They can help by -

  • Giving instant relief from contact with clothing.
  • Allowing air to circulate around the nipple between feeds.
  • Preventing damaged nipples from sticking to breast pads and your bra.


Each pack contains two Nipple Ease Nipple Protectors and 10 disposable nursing pads designed to fit over the protectors.

Washing Instructions - The plastic nipple protectors can be washed with soap and water.  They can also be sterilised by boiling in water or using a sterilising solution.  They should not be put in the microwave.

Additional nursing pads are also available if you run out.