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Emma-Jane - Breastfeeding Vest Top in Black

Emma-Jane - Breastfeeding Vest Top in Black
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Price: £20.00

Bra Size:


Manufacturer: Emma-Jane
Model: Black-821

The black nursing vests are currently out of stock at the warehouse until Mid July 2014.  Do contact me if you'd like to pre-order.

These breastfeeding vest tops by Emma-Jane are the go-to piece in every nursing mothers wardrobe.  There is no need to wear a nursing bra with this breastfeeding vest top because it has a built-in bra shelf for great support, and the one-handed drop down openings provide a place for your breast pads.  They are made in a superior soft cotton/elastane Topcool®, a fabric ideally suited for casual wear as it features moisture-wicking properties which draw moisture away from the skin.  Discreet nursing is a doddle while wearing this breastfeeding vest top because it not only provides additional coverage of the breast when open for feeding because of the A-frame support, but its versatility allows for any situation.

  1. Wear it on its own in the Summer, it will cover your belly, and the A-frame breast support will give additional coverage to your breast.
  2. Wear it under a shirt or cardigan in cooler weather to give you more coverage of your shoulders.
  3. Wear it under a baggy top or jumper so that when you pull up the top layer your belly will be covered by the breastfeeding vest top, and you breast and shoulders will be covered by the top layer.
  4. You can always tuck the corner of a muslin into the adjustable shoulder straps to cover your breast while feeding.

If you are at all uncomfortable about getting out of the house with your new baby and feeding in public, take your time.  You can make your first outing with a friend or to the local breastfeeding support group.  You can also practise in front of your mirror at home to see what other people will see.  I found it always helpful in those early days to go out with a friend or family member so that I had someone to talk to when I was nursing.  This made me feel mors relaxed and less likely to be looking around to see who could possibly be looking at me.  Once you get the hang of it 99% of passers by won't even know what you are doing, and those that do are probably nursing a baby right now and will give you a knowing smile.

Materials:   45% Cotton 45% Polyester 10% Elastane

Colours:   Black, White, Chocolate, Mid-Blue, Blue, Rose Pink

Sizes:   10/12, 14/16

"I love wearing my breastfeeding vest tops out and about, and they are also great at night for easy access while nursing" Karen, Director BoobieMilk Ltd


Nice top, easy to use when breast feeding
By Karen on 13th Dec 12 at 10:51PM