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10 Gift Voucher

10 Gift Voucher
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Price: £10.00

If you are looking for the perfect gift for an expecting or new mum in your family or circle of friends, a gift certificate for BoobieMilk is it.  You can determine the amount of money you would like to spend, and the recipient can then choose the size and style of nursing bra that is right for them from www.boobiemilk.co.uk or they can request an in-home nursing bra fitting.

An in-home nursing bra fitting is an ideal gift in the following situations:

  • An expectant Mum is on bed rest
  • A new Mum is recovering from surgery or stitches
  • The new baby cannot leave the house yet
  • The new Mum is not ready to leave the house yet
  • Dad had gone back to work and Mum does not have a car
  • Mum deserves to be pampered
  • Mum wants to be fitted properly and choose from a selection of nursing bras

You can purchase gift certificates in increments of £10, £20 or £50.  The gift certificate does not have an expiry date, and can be used at www.boobiemilk.co.uk any time of day or night.

Choices for delivery –

  • I can email the gift certificate to you.
  • I can email the gift certificate to the recipient.
  • I can call the recipient to determine a good time for an in-home fitting.
  • I can send a gift card to the recipient in a greeting card.


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